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Why Do People Choose Custom Sharpening by Hand?

For over 30 years we have satisfied some of the most discriminating stylists in the world.

Custom Sharpening is endorsed and recommended by the most renowned shear companies in the world.

Scott has studied and trained at 12 “cutting edge” shear factories in Japan, Germany and Korea for over 30 years!

We have the finest collection of specialized factory sharpening equipment and tools in North America!

You Should Choose Custom Sharpening by Hand Because:

Scott can RESTORE your shears to “LIKE NEW” condition and optimum cutting performance; Even shears that have regrettably been damaged by improper, unskilled, sharpening.

You WILL experience finely tuned, expertly hand sharpened shears; with NO RISK!

You pay for your sharpening within 10 days AFTER you are totally satisfied and delighted.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

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